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South Asia

Travel South Asia with us

South Asia comprises those countries lying between the Himalaya range and the Indian Ocean (north to south) and between the Ganga and Indus river valleys (east to west): mainly, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, Maldives, and Pakistan. The Indian Ocean shoreline is divided between the Arabian Sea (in the west) and the Bay of Bengal (in the east). The extensive, triangular-shaped landmass of South Asia is sometimes referred to as "the South Asian Region", or "the South Asian Peninsula". Main attractions include, Mt Everest, Pokhara, Taj Mahal, Lumbini, and Pashupatinath.

Foods you found in South Aisa During Tour and Travel

The Indian subcontinent offers a wide variety of cuisines. Each country provides numerous choices of dishes guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. Common staples include rice, wheat, corn, potatoes and various other vegetables. South Asian food is known for its spices. Spices play an important role in the food's flavour, appearance, and aroma. Majority of the desserts are made from dairy products.

Shopping Things in South Asia

Shopping in South Asia is quite cheap, and bargaining is common. Clothes are cheaper in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Afghanistan and Pakistan sell beautiful handicrafts and rugs. Popular items to buy in India are pashminas, handicrafts, silk sarees and spices. Popular purchases in Nepal include clothing materials, handicrafts, metal works and jewellery.

Beware in South Aisa

Removing your shoes when entering a temple or mosque is essential in South Asia. It is also normal practice to remove your shoes while entering someone's home. South Asians are very conservative in their dressing. Public display of affection is frowned upon. Tipping is not necessary, but 5-10% tip in a restaurant will be appreciated.

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