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Romania Tourism Packages

Travel Romania with us | Book Romania Tour Packages Online

Romania is a popular destination for travel in Southeast Europe, as the dynamic country is full of options. Bucharest's city center is recovering its swagger and re-earning its nickname, "Paris of the East". There's also Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains, Bucovina, Maramures, the Black Sea, and the Danube Delta. Visiting Romania is a joyful adventure.

Romanian political history is tied to the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who came to power in 1965. Decades of oppression followed. He was finally overthrown and executed in 1989. While Romania is a full EU member, it has not yet changed to the Euro, although rates at good hotels are now similar to those in Central European destinations.

As such, it's not quite the cheap vacation that out-of-date guidebooks lead you to expect, but you can still have a great time on a budget.
We provide full Romania travel packages to cover all of the country's most interesting destinations. We'll take care of everything and create a tailor-made private tour itinerary for you. This includes planning and booking hotels, transport and private tour guides for full day or half day excursions.

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