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The simmering sun sinks beneath the delicate stretch of a baobab tree as the first notes of the Lion King’s soundtrack play. It’s that iconic image that many of us carry as our first introduction to the massive and marvellous continent. For others, it’s the awe-inspiring remainders of history in the form of the Egyptian Pyramids. Some might connect it to the swaying green waves of grass in the Savannah. Others might hear the waves that strike the shore of the Seychelles and say its name. 

This is Africa – a continent so diverse, packed full of beautiful countries, backed by a rich heritage and tinged with a complex and painful past. The chance to explore its corners is a gift. Each slice of this content, each sliver is a revelation. The essence of this continent breathes from every inch of the land. It is in the mud underneath the hand of the great Gorilla lumbering in the jungles of the Congo. It is in the winds that sweep across the curve of the Table Mountain. It pulses in the streets of the sprawling cities. It ebbs and flows in the rhythms of Swahili, Igbo, Zulu, Amharic, Arabic, French, Shona and the other languages that populate it. It rumbles and splashes with the Great Victoria Falls.

North Africa Tourism

You’ll wish you had 1000 eyes to take in everything in this gorgeous part of Africa. There’s a little something for everyone. History, adventure, delectable cuisine and more. First, the countries and areas you can visit in North Africa include Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the Western Sahara. Gape in awe at the pyramids of Giza, with the Sphinx standing guard. Sway with the jumble and rhythms of Marrakesh’s busiest markets. Bear witness to the ancient brilliance of the city of Luxor in Egypt. Drink in the blue-white beauty of Tunisia and visit the ancient medinas. Climb to the snowy tops of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Let your eyes drift over the silky, sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert. 

Language: Arabic

Currencies: Egyptian Pound, Algerian Dinar, Tunisian Dinar, Morrocan Dirham

West Africa Tourism

Cultural diversity and rich history are served on a platter – sample it in full, leisurely bites. Visit one of the oldest sub-Saharan cities – Mali – where you’ll get to mingle at the market and pay your respects at the Grand Mosque. All nature-enthusiasts must make a stop at Loango National Park in Western Gabon where you will meet whales, gorillas, elephants and chimps. Experience the epitome of tranquillity at Goree Island in Senegal and visit the Dogon in Eastern Mali, whose homes are made from the cliffs. Float along the lanes of Ganvie in Benin – a village built on a lake. Ever heard of Timbuktu? Well now is your chance to visit this lovely desert town. Visit the colonial forts built by European colonisers in Ghana and hike up to Mount Cameroon (Mongo ma Ndemi) in Cameron.  Countries to visit in West Africa include Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and more. 

Languages: Yoruba, Igbo, Bambara, Fula

Currencies: West African CFA Franc, Sierra Leonean leone, Ghanaian cedi, Naira, Liberian Dollar and more.

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